- Architects of objects, hidden amongst the trees - 

Established in 2009, Method is a multi-disciplinary creative studio. Our versatile team of designers and skilled in-house craftsmen marry together the design, development, production and storytelling of remarkable finely-crafted bespoke objects, for luxury brands and discerning private clients around the world. 

- Thinkers. Designers. Makers -


Teamwork and collaboration is at the very heart of the studio, but the husband and wife team of co-founders architect, designer and entrepreneur Marisa Giannasi and second generation woodworker Callum Robinson are the filter through which every decision is considered, refined and distilled.

Both bring very different skills and experiences, but together they apply an inventive, thoughtful approach to the development and design process. They combine this with precise project management, a near obsessive eye for detail and a strong sense of the theatrical, to create beautiful, tactile, well crafted work.

'We like to think of ourselves as architects of objects. An experienced, down-to-earth, communicative team that can always be trusted to actually care about the work as a whole, to go the extra mile, and to make the process personal and enjoyable...with just a hint of magic!'

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Our studio and workshop is located in a lovingly restored wooden sawmill, nestled in the hills above the historic Royal Burgh of Linlithgow, in central Scotland. Although easily accessed from Edinburgh airport and city (25mins) the sawmill is quite isolated and very peaceful.

'Being surrounded by trees, water and wildlife - and so much a part of the changing seasons - has a big influence on our work, and on the creative atmosphere we try hard to cultivate'

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