A design STUDIO & multi-disciplinary artisan workshop. In A forest.

Combining technical skill, practical experience and a genuine passion for creating remarkable things - our team gleefully breathes life into a diverse range of very special creative projects. 


The wife & husband team of architect, educator and entrepreneur Marisa Giannasi and second generation woodworker and creative problem solver Callum Robinson are the filter through which every decision is refined and distilled. Collaboratively applying a very down-to-earth, practical understanding of how a thing is made, and a thoughtful, inventive reasoning as to why - to their distinctly 'hands on' process. 

'Exploring the symbiotic relationship between design and craft, the considered layering of meticulous processes - both traditional and contemporary - and the connections that natural materials can instantly kindle in people, is at the very heart of our practice, and what truly excites us...we also believe that to design something really well, it helps if you understand how it's made'

The studio creates tactile, inventive, theatrical work for discerning private clients and often collaborates with international brands - working with their own in-house team of versatile and highly skilled craftsmen and a trusted network of artisans, engineers and suppliers to prototype and manage the hand-making of the pieces.

Revelling in the journey, and the creative experience.

The studio and workshop is located in a lovingly restored 70 year old sawmill, nestled in the hills above the historic Royal Burgh of Linlithgow, in central Scotland.